AdFalcon's state of art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

AdFalcon is committed to the growth of the mobile advertising industry in the Middle East by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers.

AdFalcon provides you with a state of art mobile advertising technology to reach out to millions of mobile users in the region; we are committed to help our advertiser to meet their campaigns objectives by offering precise targeting real-time and analytical tools.

Deliver satisfying results with

AdFalcon targeting options

AdFalcon provides you with a precise targeting options to achieve the highest ROI for your campaigns, you can target consumers based on:

Analytics & Reporting

AdFalcon rich reporting and analytical interface will help you to track and view your campaign results anytime you want.