AdFalcon Publishers Program

Your first opportunity to monetize your mobile traffic in the Middle East

AdFalcon is committed to the growth of mobile advertising industry in the Middle East by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers. We are pleased to announce the first of its kind program for all publishers in the region; "The AdFalcon Publishers Program".

AdFalcon Publishers Program is tailored towards building a successful mobile web presence, providing the audience with a charming, unique and insightful browsing experience.

The program's main objectives are:

  • Encouraging publishers (newspapers, magazines, online communities, sport sites, news sites and social sites …etc) to mobilize their online presence and provide their target audience with a mobile access to browse their digital content.
  • Providing a timely, targeted, transparent and accurate mobile advertising technology in order to monetize the publishers' mobile traffic.

AdFalcon will provide the publishers with an extra bonus for a period of six months starting from September 1st 2012 and ending 31st of March 2013 as a reward for their enrolment into this program. (see Your Extra Bonus Scheme below)

Publisher's Revenue and Extra Bonus

With AdFalcon publisher program you can make extra money as below:

1. Make more than 60% from mobile ads revenues generated by your mobile app or mobile website, the more users you have the more money you stand to earn as below:

Number of unique users per month Extra Bonus Total for you
More than 1 and Less than 5,000 NA 60%
More than 5,001 and Less than 45,000 5% 63%
More than 45,001 and less than 95,000 10% 66%
More than 95,001 and less than 190,000 15% 69%
More than 190,001 and less than 250,000 22% 73.2%
More than 250,001 30% 78%
*Unique users will be calculated on a monthly basis and at the beginning of each month

2. Additional USD 1,000 every month if your mobile app or mobile website ranked first (based on number of unique users) across the whole apps or websites on our network.

Get started in two easy steps!

Step one: sign up on AdFalcon and create an account with us, click here to Sign Up

Step two: install and integrate the publisher code into your mobile site.

once the above is completed…hurray!... you can start generating revenue by serving mobile Ads on your registered mobile site, the more users you have for your mobile site; the more income you stand to earn.

AdFalcon Publishers Program FAQs

Q1: What will happen once the program ends?

Answer: AdFalcon will switch back to our regular revenue sharing formula (60% for the developers and 40% for AdFalcon).

Q2: I am interested in the program but I do not have 5,000 unique users every month, can I still register as a developer?

Answer: Yes, you can register but you will not be qualified for the extra bonus we are offering, our regular revenue sharing formula will be applied; (60% for you and 40% for AdFalcon).

Q3: I have a successful website but I do not have a mobile version (mobile site), can AdFalcon assist me in transforming my website into a mobile site?

Answer: Yes, we can refer you to our partners list who design and develop mobile sites. Contact us on for further assistance.

Q4: Where can I learn more about how to use AdFalcon's publishers' code?

Answer: Click here to access our publisher code and the integration instructions.

Please do not hesitate to direct all your questions and comments to in order for us to assist you further.