Technology Privacy Policy

Technology Privacy Policy

This document was last updated on July 21, 2020.

ArabyAds FZ LLC (“ArabyAds”, “we”, “us” and/or “our”) owns and operates AdFalcon Mobile Advertising and Data Platform (‘AdFalcon Technology”) which has been created to provide its business partners—advertisers and their agencies, website and app publishers, other ad inventory providers, and data vendors—with technologies that enable the serving and display of relevant advertisements to individuals who access a publisher’s website, mobile app, connected TVs or other online content. AdFalcon Technology also helps its partners collect and manage the data generated by such advertisements as well as data that its business partners may already have and data that they collect regarding visitors to their digital properties, including websites and mobile applications.

In principle, our AdFalcon Technology is used by advertisers to connect with consumers. By analyzing consumer information and targeting ad placement, we are able to optimize the performance of an ad campaign for an advertiser while providing a more relevant and meaningful online experience for consumers who view the ads we deliver.

This Privacy Policy sets forth ArabyAds’s policy with respect to information including personally identifiable data (“Personal Data”) and other information that is collected through our AdFalcon Technology.

If you want more information about our privacy practices with respect to our AdFalcon Website, please click here.

Overview of AdFalcon Advertising Technology

AdFalcon Technology collects and uses data to help make online advertising more relevant, and for ad delivery and reporting purposes. This plays an important role in keeping content on the Internet and within mobile apps largely free, dynamic, and vibrant by improving the relevancy of advertisements displayed throughout the Internet.

Here’s how it works: AdFalcon Technology collects data that is not personally identifiable information (non-PII) about the websites and apps that a browser or device interacts with, and the advertisements a browser or app displays. This information may include non-PII device-specific identifiers (such as mobile device advertising identifiers. An individual may encounter AdFalcon advertising technology when:

• ArabyAds or a business partner purchases online advertisements on a website that the individual visits or an app that the individual uses.

• An individual interacts with a website or an app from which ArabyAds collects data; either directly or indirectly via a business partner.

AdFalcon Technology also offers data management services to business partners via AdFalcon’s data management platform (DMP). The AdFalcon DMP enables ArabyAds’s business partners to collect, store, and analyze non-PII about their audiences. ArabyAds’s business partners may use the DMP and

ArabyAds’s data collection tools to develop and name custom data segments. ArabyAds does not exercise control over the manner in which its business partners label their custom data segments in the DMP, but as applicable, ArabyAds contractually requires that its business partners using the DMP adhere to self-regulatory codes offered by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), and/or certain other industry standards. ArabyAds also contractually prohibits its business partners using the DMP from bringing PII or sensitive non-PII audience data into the DMP. Audience data and segments collected, stored and created on AdFalcon’s DMP can only be used to run advertising on AdFalcon technology and are not available for third parties

What Information We Collect

Our AdFalcon Technology does not collect information that can be used to directly identify an individual, such as your name, physical address, e-mail address, Social Security Number, credit card number, account numbers, passwords, personal health information.

As part of the process of delivering ads through our Technology, we do collect information about your interaction with our AdFalcon Technology, your web browsing activity, your app usage activity and your device. This information may include information such as your device type (e.g., a computer, tablet, smartphone, gaming console or smart/connected TV), your IP address, device identifiers, location information, the date and time of your visit, browser type, web pages visited when viewing an ad, and information about your interaction with our Technology when viewing content on your device, including whether you interacted with the advertisement (such as viewed a video ad to completion or clicked on an ad), and what content you viewed (such as which advertisement we delivered to you). ArabyAds also obtains non-PII such as behavioral, contextual and demographic information from third party providers that we can use to serve interest-based ads. ArabyAds may also collect Mobile Advertising Identifiers (MAIDs) such as a Google Advertising ID (GAID) or an Apple Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) as a result of running digital advertisements on behalf of our clients.

AdFalcon Technology may process information to retarget an individual across multiple devices (e.g., you may receive advertisements regarding an Apparel on your computer because based on your usage activity on your mobile device, you have been marked to be interested in an Apparels). ArabyAds collects cookies and MAIDs, as described below, which are then fed into our proprietary cross-device algorithm, allowing ArabyAds to map multiple devices and cookies to one individual for the purpose of serving that user another ad on a different device. In order to provide content-relevant ads to mobile users, we may also collect Third Party IDs, information about the apps you use and the location of your device if you have elected to provide that information to the publishers with whom we have partnered.

How We Collect Information

For information that we collect, directly or indirectly, we typically employ the use of "pixel tags" and/or "cookies, and/or MAIDs" which are commonly used on the Internet. Pixel tags, cookies and MAIDs help us understand how you use a publisher's web site / APP and the effectiveness of an ad so that we can more accurately deliver the types of ads that are relevant to your interests..

Pixel tags are small bits of code that reside on a web site and provide a method of information delivery allowing the operator of the page or a third party to collect information about the visitors to the page. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the browser of your computer that assign an anonymous identifier to your browser and provide information to the cookie sender. In addition to cookies, ArabyAds also uses mobile identifiers such as MAIDs that are specific to an individual’s Device, as well as statistical methods for identifying an individual across multiple devices with a high degree of accuracy.

ArabyAds also receives information from 3rd party data providers who collect and/or make available information such as behavioral, contextual, and demographic information, for our clients to use in targeting ads through our platform. Its worth noting that ArabyAds does not have a direct relationship with users and it uses the information it receives for the purposes described in this policy. However, 3rd parties may be subject to consent requirements for their collection, use, and sharing of information with ArabyAds. ArabyAds may aggregate information and further process the non-PII it collects from 3rd party data providers or Website/App Publishers.

Usage of Collected Information

ArabyAds uses information it receives and collects through its AdFalcon Technology to tailor, target, and assess the effectiveness of the ads we deliver to you, and to avoid showing you the same ads repeatedly. We analyze contextual and demographic elements, behaviors and viewing preferences, and we use this information to predict the characteristics and preferences of the viewers on web sites and Apps that use our AdFalcon Technology. We report this information to our advertiser clients in an aggregated, anonymous form to assist them in targeting their ad campaigns to a relevant Internet audience, and to our web site/App owner clients to gain an understanding of the overall characteristics of the audience who visit and use their web site and App. Collectively, this information assists advertisers and web site/App owners in delivering effective ad campaigns to their audience and allows for a more relevant and meaningful ad experience for the consumer.

We may offer our clients the use of a data management platform to enable them to manage their own customer information. Each of our clients’ separate privacy policies govern the collection and use of this information. However, you will no longer receive interest-based ads from ArabyAds if you opt-out of our AdFalcon Technology services by following the instructions below.

Opting Out of Interest Based Advertising from AdFalcon Technology

You do have the choice of opting out of receiving targeted interest based advertising based on information collected through our AdFalcon Technology. Opting out will disassociate your data from ArabyAds’s AdFalcon Technology system and will prevent you from being targeted based on your interests and behavioral information in the future by ArabyAds.

ArabyAds complies with the IAB Code of Conduct, the NAI Code of Conduct and the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising. ArabyAds also complies with the ‘Enhanced Notice' standard as dictated by the cross-industry Self-Regulation Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. As part of this service, advertisements served by AdFalcon Technology or other parties we do business with, are sometimes delivered with icons that serve as a signal to consumers that behavioral information has been used. Through the icon, consumers can learn how their information is being used and by what companies, and access tools to control the collection and use of their information.

When opting-out of interest based ads, you need to make note of the below:

• ArabyAds’s opt-out mechanism will opt you out of tailored interest based advertising delivered by AdFalcon Technology in this browser or in mobile applications on this device (e.g., phones, tablets). It will also opt you out of interest based advertising delivered by ArabyAds in other devices or in other browsers that we have identified that are used by you as part of cross device advertising identification.

• Opting-out will prevent you from seeing Ads related to your interests and behavioral information, however you will continue to see ads, including those delivered based on contextual, location, and demographic information.

• ArabyAds may also continue to collect and share contextual, location, and demographic information and use such information for purposes other than delivering interest based advertising.

• ArabyAds’s AdFalcon Technology opt-out remains effective as long as cookies and Mobile Advertising IDs (“MAID”) remains valid and unchanged. Clearing browser cookies or resetting Mobile Advertising IDs (“MAID”) mandates renewing your opt-out choices.

• Opt-out uses cookies and Mobile Advertising IDs (“MAID”) to function as expected, therefore opt-out will not be effective if cookies are not supported or are not accepted by the browser, or no valid Mobile Advertising ID (“MAID”) is received for Apps.

You can opt-out of receiving the interest based ads made possible by AdFalcon Technology in your current browser or mobile applications on your current device using one of the below two methods:

Mobile Device App Opt-Out
• You may opt-out by selecting the “Limit Ad Tracking” option on Apple iOS or “Opt-out of interest-based ads" on Google Android and follow the instructions provided by Apple or Google on the relevant page.

Web Sites Opt-Out
• Click on this link to opt-out of interest based ads on your browser.

Information Retention

ArabyAds sets cookies to expire after ninety days and the expiration date refreshes every time you encounter our server through our AdFalcon Technology. After ninety days we remove cookie information from information collected through our AdFalcon Technology and retain web log data, aggregations and reports for as long as necessary for the purposes for which such information is collected as described in this Privacy Policy and to comply with applicable legal requirements. ArabyAds removes MAIDs information from information collected through our Technology every five years and retains web log data, aggregations and reports for as long as necessary for the purposes for which such information is collected as described in this Privacy Policy and to comply with applicable legal requirements.

Information Security

ArabyAds has established appropriate technical and organizational safeguards consistent with industry standards and applicable law to help prevent unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, modification or destruction of the information we collect. While we are committed to ensuring the security of such information, you should be aware that no data protection measures can provide 100% guarantee of security. Consequently, we -- like everyone else -- cannot warrant or guarantee the complete security of the information in our possession.

Third Party Advertisers and Links

ArabyAds’s Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected by third-party advertisers, website owners, data providers, or other parties that we may do business with, or other parties accessible through AdFalcon Technology. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected through AdFalcon Technology. The information collected or received by any third-party or provider is subject to that company's own privacy policy.

Market Research Surveys and Callback Forms

ArabyAds may serve ads that invite you to participate in market research surveys or fill Callback forms to allow the advertiser to contact you regarding a certain service or product. These surveys and Callback forms allow you to share your opinions and/or information which may include PII information, if you wish to do so. The surveys and Callback forms collect the same types of Non-PII ArabyAds collects when serving ads in addition to any survey responses or information filled into the Callback forms. ArabyAds will not associate any PII information collected from surveys and CallBack forms with any cookie on your browser or the MAID of your device.

ArabyAds’s Privacy Policy does not apply to information collected through Surveys and Callback forms. The information collected or received by the survey owner or Callback form advertiser (even if the Survey or CallBack form were created and delivered by ArabyAds) is subject to that company's own privacy policy.

Data Integrity

We process information in a way that is compatible with and relevant for the purpose for which it was collected. To the extent necessary for those purposes, we take reasonable steps to ensure that any information in our care is accurate, complete, current and reliable for its intended use.

Data Sharing, Onward Transfer

In providing its AdFalcon Technology services, ArabyAds works with a variety of third-party vendors and partners. These include advertisers, publishers, data providers, content providers, and other service providers. ArabyAds may share non-PII with them, including statistical, demographic, contextual, behavioral and predictive information, about our users and their use of the AdFalcon Technology, to the extent necessary for ArabyAds to provide the AdFalcon Technology services. We may also enhance the non-PII collected via our AdFalcon Technology with non-PII collected from trusted business partners. ArabyAds endeavors to keep such information in an anonymous non-PII format, which cannot be used to contact or identify any person individually.

ArabyAds may share information about individuals as it deems reasonably necessary in order to comply with applicable law, to exercise and protect the legal rights of ArabyAds or its personnel and representatives, and to investigate, prevent or respond to suspected illicit activities, including fraud and threats of harm to individuals.

If ArabyAds sells all or part of its business, or if any of its departments or technology is acquired or merged with another company, we may transfer information about you, including PII submitted by you on our Web site, to the successor company as part of that transaction. To the extent consent is required under applicable law for such a data transfer, we will obtain your consent.

Data Transfers

Our AdFalcon Technology is Hosted in the European Union. Given that we are an international business, our use of your information necessarily involves the transmission of data on an international basis. Please be aware that information we collect may be transferred to and processed in the European Union and other applicable territories in which the privacy laws may not be as comprehensive as or equivalent to those in the country where you reside and/or are a citizen.

Information Relating to Children

We do not knowingly collect PII from, and do not create user segments targeted for children under 13

years of age. If you believe your child or someone else has provided ArabyAds with PII about your child and you would like to have the information removed, please contact us and we will use reasonable efforts to remove such information from our records.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

ArabyAds may from time to time change its AdFalcon Technology Privacy Policy. In the event that changes are made that we believe are material, we will update our AdFalcon Technology Privacy Policy on this page of our AdFalcon Website.

Questions and Concerns

If you have questions about ArabyAds’s privacy practices, you may contact us at:

ArabyAds FZ-LLC
CG Building, 5th Floor
P.O.Box 300285
Dubai, UAE