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"ArabyAds" launches 1st mobile advertising network in the region

ArabyAds, the region's leading Arab company specialized in mobile advertising and mobile media monetization, announced launching its integrated mobile advertising Network "AdFalcon".

The company expects AdFalcon, the region's first specialized mobile advertising Network, to trigger a leap in mobile media monetization and mobile advertising sector which is a rapidly growing sector providing brands, agencies and marketers the opportunity to connect with consumers beyond traditional and digital media directly on their mobile phones.

AdFalcon goes beyond connecting mobile application developers (Developers) and mobile website owners (Publishers) with media agencies and advertisers; its fully-fledged mobile advertising network guarantees satisfying results for all stakeholders (Advertisers, media agencies, App developers, publishers) by offering an industry leading mobile campaign management with a state of the art precise targeting options and diverse rich media ads for a better brand recognition and more consumer engagement.

In his comment, Dr. Ashraf Habib, ArabyAds's Chairman of the Board said, "AdFalcon was developed to provide advertising agencies with new advertising tools that can help them manage their mobile advertising campaigns through mobile phones in a more efficient and cost-effective way, enabling them to reach the desired targeted audience."

For his part, Mr. Mahmoud Iswiad the Executive Director for Business Development said, "As advertisers continue to rely more and more on digital media, traditional agencies are challenged to add value and protect their relationships by providing their clients with alternative media channels. AdFalcon provides originality for marketers looking for new ways to present and project an innovative image for their brands."

"The hybrid targeting mechanism would allow marketers and advertisers to reach their targeted audience based on so many factors like location, interest, device type and model, operators ...etc. Furthermore, the intelligent dashboard and reporting engine would help track the campaign performance and provide accurate statistical results," Iswiad added.

On a related note, ArabyAds has revealed the launch of its developers fund and publishers program, where developers and publishers can sign up in two easy steps and start generating revenues by serving mobile Ads on their registered applications.

The company is allocating up to 30% extra for app developers and publishers enrolling into the developers fund initiative. The more users they have the more fund would be allocated for them. To add spirit to the initiative, the company announced an extra $1,000 every month for the number one registered application or mobile website ranked the first based on number of unique users on AdFalcon network.

"This is a great deal we are presenting to the developers and publishers community in our region today," Iswiad added.

It is worth noting that the number of cell phones users in most Arab countries exceeds 80% of the total population, whereas it exceeds 100% in the GCC countries. Also, the number of mobile internet users is exceeding 25 million users in the Middle East and northern African countries based on a study published recently by spot on PR and effective measure.

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About ArabyAds

“ArabyAds is a young and vibrant mobile media company, established in 2010 and focused on mobile advertising and mobile media monetization in the Middle East.At ArabyAds, we are committed to provide a charming experience to our customers whether they are application developers, Publishers, media agencies, advertisers and end users.We have utilized our in-depth understanding of the mobile advertising eco system, knowledge, skills and expertise to build a wide range of mobile media solutions and properties to cater with the massive mobile growth in Middle East. ArabyAds is backed with robust angel investors and successfully raised its first round of funding.

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