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"ArabyAds" raises its first round of funding

ArabyAds, the leading Arab company specialized in mobile advertising and mobile media monetization, announced concluding its first 3 million dollar investment round.

The company stated that a group of Arab and Foreign angel investors invested in its technical capabilities and future visions aiming at developing a full-fledged mobile advertising platform and mobile media monetization solutions targeting the massive mobile growth in the Middle East.

In his comment, Dr. Ashraf Habib, ArabyAds's Chairman of the Board, praised the investors' role in establishing the company and providing the needed liquidity, saying: "These investment will give the company a head start, helping it prove itself on the regional scene. We appreciate their confidence in ArabyAds's technical capabilities that enabled us to develop an integrated mobile advertising platform capable of triggering a leap in the mobile advertising and mobile media monetization world."

"The investment round was smooth and positive; taking a very short period of time, confirming our company's success in offering what is new, innovative and original in the ICT sector." He added.

The investment round aims at providing the needed liquidity to enhance the company's capabilities, boost its growth, and attract the required competences to meet the increasing demand on its mobile media solutions.

Moreover, the investment will help ArabyAds with developing its mobile advertising technology "AdFalcon", the region's first specialized advertising platform developed to link mobile applications developers, mobile website owners with advertisers to provide them with the a superior chance to achieve financial returns for the first time in the Middle East.

"With its targeting mechanism and diverse mobile ads, AdFalcon technology provides a great chance for advertisers, as it helps our partners maximize their profits and achieve satisfying results." He added.

Habib expected these investments to have a positive impact on the sector, saying: "I am confident that this move will help promote the mobile advertising sector, contributing to its growth."

Habib also confirmed ArabyAds's commitment to promoting the mobile advertising industry in the Middle East by working directly with publishers, developers and advertisers to keep pace with the huge number of mobile internet users.

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About ArabyAds

“ArabyAds is a young and vibrant mobile media company, established in 2010 and focused on mobile advertising and mobile media monetization in the Middle East.At ArabyAds, we are committed to provide a charming experience to our customers whether they are application developers, Publishers, media agencies, advertisers and end users.We have utilized our in-depth understanding of the mobile advertising eco system, knowledge, skills and expertise to build a wide range of mobile media solutions and properties to cater with the massive mobile growth in Middle East. ArabyAds is backed with robust angel investors and successfully raised its first round of funding.

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