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AdFalcon officially part of Google AdMob’s Ad Network Mediation

AdFalcon is pleased to announce to all its publishers, app developers and partners around the world that it has officially become part of Google AdMob’s ad network mediation as of October 2013.

The partnership will grant all our publishers the luxury of monetizing with as many different ad networks as they choose to backfill all ad requests from their apps. This integration will ensure our publishers take full advantage of our high eCPM as they can allocate traffic among the ad networks they choose based on several different monetization categories such as percentage, location, eCPM…etc.

We invite you all to check our newly revamped website where you can find all the information needed on how to integrate AdFaclon and AdMob into your apps and start making even more money immediately.

About AdFalcon

AdFalcon is the first mobile advertising network in the Middle East aimed at providing a specialized mobile advertising experience to advertisers, publishers, developers and mobile users across the region.

AdFalcon's state of the art technology, intelligent targeting mechanism and diversified mobile ads aim to assist our partners in maximizing their campaigns return on investment (ROI) and to deliver satisfying results for their brands and businesses.

AdFalcon provides you with a state of the mobile advertising technology to reach out to millions of mobile users in the region; we are committed to help our advertisers meet their campaign’s objectives by offering precise targeting and real-time analytical tools.

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