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ArabyAds announces the introduction of 3 innovative technology assets to enrich its mobile advertising network, AdFalcon.

Dubai 24th of March 2014

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Native Ads format, GEO fencing and Interactive video formats

AdFalcon Native ads format will help advertisers and developers to maximize their return on investment by offering more innovative look & feel for the ads in order to enrich the experience for the end user. AdFalcon Native Ads experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed , offering higher audience engagement.

Spend on native mobile advertising within social media alone is expected to grow from 3.1 billion USD this year to 5 billion USD In 2017 as per a recent report from BIA/Kelsey , Said CEO and Co-founder Wael Quader.

Quader added, “this will be a brilliant opportunity for other verticals beyond social as well, including news and content applications, to embrace native ads and be part of this advertising stream”.

Quader also added, “the wheel of innovation doesn’t stop at AdFalcon, we are also thrilled to introduce our new location based advertising model (AdFalcon GEO Plus).

With AdFalcon GEO Plus advertisers will be able to target consumers around certain areas within a prefixed radius, to give an example here: advertisers can target consumers around the Emirates mall and within a distance of 500 meters or 1,000 meters …etc.

This is fantastic news for retailers and advertisers who are interested in reaching consumers within a certain areas ; allowing them to save on their advertising dollar and maximize their ROI.

The last but not least is AdFalcon Video Plus, which is a new advertising format based on the latest video technology. We all know how huge video consumption is in the MENA Region and now we want to make sure that all of our partners and advertisers are capable to bank on this as we are offering them the most comprehensive video formats for mobiles and tablets. Advertisers will be able to customize the video with great call to actions the minute it’s played and even engage with integrated social channels to increase the awareness about the video and get the maximum exposure needed.

We are extremely proud of our engineering team’s achievements today, and we are all dedicated to provide the latest and the most innovative mobile media solutions to our clients and partners, Quader added.

AdFalcon today serves billions of Ads in the MEAN region, and offering full turnkey solutions for Agencies and publishers in MEAN and outside the MENA region. AdFalcon has grown its clients bases by 220% in 2013 and grew its revenues by 300% in 2013 as well.

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