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ArabyAds signs Effective Measure for AdFalcon’s analysis

In an entrepreneurial move targeting the enrichment of its mobile advertising services, ArabyAds signed Effective Measure to provide advertisers the transparency and accuracy on AdFalcon’s inventory.

The strategic partnership caters to the advertising requirements of ArabyAds, as Effective Measure will measure, prepare, and issue analytics that would pave the way for AdFalcon’s highly advanced technology in guaranteeing accurate data for its customers and the public.

“We will unite our efforts with the Effective Measure to lay the technical basis necessary to fine tune our digital plans and further promote transparency within our Ads inventory. Our partnership will enable us to provide realistic and credible readings and information for an accurate view of our mobile digital media landscape, helping advertisers and publishers make better mobile advertising decisions,” said Wael Quader, ArabyAds Mobile CEO.

“As an international leading company known for its credibility and accuracy, Effective Measure will allow us to provide analytics supported by accurate indicators that advertisers can adopt to direct their advertising campaigns to reach their expected milestones,” he added. Quader noted that AdFalcon’s inventory currently consists of more than 600 million impressions in the Arab World, pointing out that it covers various sectors and demographics within the Arab society.

Brendon Ogilvy, VP Digital Insights at Effective Measure said, “We are delighted by this partnership with AdFalcon, the first mobile advertising network in the region, and the first of its kind among our clients.” He stated that Effective Measure would employ their full capabilities in tracking the platform affiliate’s traffic, in addition to the number of users of the applications added by AdFalcon’s partnering developers.

The result will be an accurate and transparent data, which is collected in real time and made available through a user-friendly online interface. The data will include the countries, interests, Gender, age, peak hours, and other relevant information needed by the advertisers to assess, completely, AdFalcon’s efficiency and audience exposure.

Brendon Ogilvy hailed the excellent methodology and transparency of AdFalcon’s network, especially in providing their services, which confirms their credibility and further supports their entrepreneurial role in the Middle East’s Mobile advertising Arena.

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About ArabyAds

“ArabyAds is a young and vibrant mobile media company, established in 2010 and focused on mobile advertising and mobile media monetization in the Middle East.At ArabyAds, we are committed to provide a charming experience to our customers whether they are application developers, Publishers, media agencies, advertisers and end users.We have utilized our in-depth understanding of the mobile advertising eco system, knowledge, skills and expertise to build a wide range of mobile media solutions and properties to cater with the massive mobile growth in Middle East. ArabyAds is backed with robust angel investors and successfully raised its first round of funding.

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